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photo(2)Sometimes you just have to cook. Or bake. Or break something. Living in a place without a lot of good restaurants around means that I generally tend to go with one of the former options and that is, for the most part, what this blog is going to be about.

I grew up with the sights and smells of food all around me, in fact some of my sharpest memories are of picking fresh berries from our yard in the summer, and of cooking with my mother and sisters in the winter. The windows would steam up, there was snow on the ground outside, and we would sing along to Phil Collins, Depeche Mode,Β  and Eric Clapton while I learned how to chop vegetables or identify spices; the heat of cinnamon, the woodsy tang of fresh thyme, the big dry crackly leaves of bay, these are the things that bring me back to the days of innocence.

The way I see it, don’t cook if you don’t LOVE food, you are just wasting everybody’s time. My favorite compliment is that something I made is better than something that was served in a restaurant, and one that will always get you an extra cookie or two… but it also makes me sad that some cooks and chefs flat out just don’t care.

You might say that the spicy sweet smell of onions and the sting of garlic were the backdrop of my formative years. Even now, the satisfying crunch as I smash a clove of garlic between my knife and my cutting board always brings a smile to my face, and the memories crashing back.
Don’t talk to me if you don’t like garlic. Nuff said.

Since then I have learned to bake, and with that has come a whole other host of memories and experiences, some horribly frustrating, others, surprising and wonderful. There’s something truly awesome about pulling a cake out of the oven and it being… just… right. While I love the idea of some of the more insanely impressive recipes out there, the truth is if I undertake anything too complicated I am more likely to set my kitchen on fire in protest or punch a wall than I am to actually pull off a finished product, so that said, most of this will be amazingly yummy food that anyone can make with minimal to moderate effort.


Oh, and before I forget, the pic above is of an absolutely insane discovery at epicurious.com, Scallion and Goat Cheese Muffins. And in case you were wondering… Yes, I had to fight my husband for every last one of them. Eat warm, and thank me later.

I hope you enjoy your time here, please leave me your comments if you like something or try something, I’d love to hear about your experiences with these recipes.

Thank you, best wishes to all, and have a very tasty day!


*A final thought on recipes, sourcing, and giving credit where credit is due:

A lot of the blogs out there make it look like the recipes are 100% conceived by the blogger and they don’t source anything. This leads people to ask me, why don’t you develop your own recipes? 2 things.

1) I am still learning through trial and error what works, and what doesn’t work, and I would like to chronicle that experience, through honing ideas from around the web.


2) Most chefs worth their salt learned from someone else. That’s just the kind of business and art that cooking is. The old adage, “there’s no such thing as a new idea, there are only old ideas re-imagined” is particularly true in the case of food blogging. Whatever we do in the kitchen is inspired either directly or indirectly by something we saw or read elsewhere. To not give credit where credit is due, even if you have slightly or even extensively altered the recipe that inspired you is rather yucky, if you want my honest opinion. To that effect, I will be sourcing any recipe that I use or that led me to the dishes I bring you and giving credit to the wonderful chefs that I have learned from.

This does not mean that I have not put my own creativity or spin on the dishes I share with you. It just means I’m a mensch. πŸ™‚

OK, now for the legal stuff: Obviously, all the original content on this blog is owned by me, so if you want to reuse something, please ask me first, and link backs are of course always appreciated. You can email at cinnaberryspice@gmail.com. Happy cooking!



10 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Fantastic, mouth-watering prose and recipes I am rushing to buy ingredients for goat cheese muffins soonest! Can’t wait to rep the cookbook!

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